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All of YARWA’s workshops are run online in a Yahoo discussion group. Instructors post their lessons and assignments daily (or near-daily) and students all over the globe log in at their leisure to access class materials and participate in discussions. The classes are designed to be as user friendly and accessible as possible. Please join us!

Don’t forget: in order to get the reduced member rate, you must be a member of both YARWA and RWA.


June 2017: Building your Business

  • Instructor: Danielle Annett
  • Dates: June 05 – June 30
  • Cost: $15 for YARWA members ($25 for non-members)

Build Your Business

About the course
You’ve decided to be an author. Did you know that as a result, you are a business?

It doesn’t matter if you’re indie, traditional, or a hybrid author. If you write books and they get published, you are a business owner. Your books are your commodities and you are your brand. I’m going to show you how to build a business plan, how to develop your brand, what you need to have a strong platform to launch from, and how to stay on track and find the support needed to be a success.

I’ll cover timelines, budgets, branding, some basic tax information, and more. No one wants to get to the finish line and realize that behind them is a disaster they now need to sort through and organize. Do it right the first time so that when you get to that finish line, everything is in order and the grand prize waiting for you is bigger and better than you ever could have imagined.

About the Instructor:
Danielle_AnnettDanielle Annett is a reader, USA Today bestselling author, photographer, and the blogger behind Coffee and Characters. Born in the SF Bay area, she now resides in Spokane, WA, the primary location for her Blood & Magic series.
Addicted to coffee at an early age, she spends her restless nights putting pen to paper as she tries to get all of the stories out of her head before the dogs wake up the rest of the house and vye for her attention.
You can learn more about Danielle on her website at Danielle-Annett.com or follow her on facebook or twitter.


July 2017: Connecting with Readers: Developing Social Media Skills and Live Programming

  • Instructor: Amy Alessio
  • Dates: July 10 – August 4
  • Cost: $15 for YARWA members ($25 for non-members)

Connecting with Readers

About the course
Young Adult authors need to engage with young adult readers as well as adults. This can be fun but also time consuming! Developing a targeted social media presence for different audiences requires different approaches, but they do not have to be difficult. Authors should develop live workshops for teens for libraries or other book events. Often daunting to new young adult authors, these steps can rapidly build readers and fans.

This workshop is designed for a fun and engaging email class spread over four weeks. Participants will:

  • Learn timesaving tricks for social media that engages with young adult fans as well as libraries, educators and other adult book gatekeepers.
  • Leave with an understanding of book marketing trends and find a comfortable yet unique niche to employ when attracting new readers.
  • Develop a few fun and interactive programs to be held at book venues with young adults or adults and how to build a steady booking of those events.

Week One:
Social Media Tour and Tricks: Participants will look at several examples of ways authors engage both with young adults and adults. Tricks for building social media audiences in as little as 15 minutes – 30 minutes a day will be explored.
Week Two:
Gatekeepers, or Do You Want to Be a You Tube Star? : Participants will look at several important book tubers, blogs, and review sites as well as online giveaways and promotions for teens. Participants will identify which ones would best fit their writing and outline a simple plan for marketing.
Week Three:
Book Launches and Programming Pizzazz on the Cheap and Easy Plan: Participants will develop a simple book launch plan or a book sale promotion that will involve several online factors.
Participants will look at engaging author and library programs, examine ways they could develop programs, and plan their first event.
Week Four:
Keeping it Going – and Keeping it Real: Steps to develop income and speaking engagements that do not take over already busy authors’ lives will be explored and participants will finish with marketing graphics, posts and program plans.

About the Instructor:
Instructor: Amy Alessio enjoyed the constant input of teens for over twenty years as an award-winning librarian in Illinois. For the past several years, she has foisted her love of vintage cooking and crafts on thirty audiences annually which in turn helped sell her fiction and non-fiction books. She writes under several names, giving her a unique marketing perspective as she changes from young adult to erotica readers for her books, something she never learned in her writing classes! She also works as an author’s assistant for AuthorRx and as an online instructor for the American Library Association and a university, which means she often speaks into a headset wearing sweats, while laughing at her own jokes.



For any questions, please contact Danielle Doolittle, YARWA’s VP of Programs at vp-programs@yarwa.com or Angele McQuade, YARWA Workshop Coordinator at workshops@yarwa.com

Interested in teaching for YARWA?

We are interested in workshops in ALL areas including:

  • Craft
  • Plotting
  • Character development
  • GMC
  • Writing scenes
  • Planning/writing sequels/series
  • Deep POV
  • Marketing/branding
  • Writing romance
  • Blogging
  • Self-publishing
  • Getting into school and library markets
  • Teen/YA-specific topics

All our classes occur on-line, via a private YARWA Yahoo loop. Classes can range in length from 1 day, 1 week, 2 weeks, or more. YARWA splits the proceeds of each class 50/50 with the instructor.

Please submit all proposals to Danielle Doolittle, YARWA’s VP of Programs at vp-programs@yarwa.com along with the following information:

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  • Bio
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