YARWA Workshops

All of YARWA’s workshops are run online in a Yahoo discussion group. Instructors post their lessons and assignments daily (or near-daily) and students all over the globe log in at their leisure to access class materials and participate in discussions. The classes are designed to be as user friendly and accessible as possible. Please join us!

Don’t forget: in order to get the reduced member rate, you must be a member of both YARWA and RWA.


November 2017: Welcome to the Shyster Club

  • Instructor: Frieda Knezek
  • Dates: November 06 – November 17
  • Cost: $15 for YARWA members ($25 for non-members)


About the course

Welcome to the Shyster Club: Con men, magicians, hackers, scammers, mentalists…they’re all members and they’ve all mastered the same tool: social engineering. It’s the art of not only manipulating people so that they give up something they normally wouldn’t, but often making them love you for it. In this workshop we’ll cover how you can use the psychology of social engineering to create more complex characters, how the cycle of social engineering can help add fresh twists to your plot, and how to exploit the four main “backdoors” of your characters’ brains to help take your readers on the emotional ride they crave.
Strap in and get your sneaky on; this is an active workshop where participants move from lesson to lesson by social engineering their workshop presenter (safely, legally, and ethically, of course). Register today, fix yourself a cup of brazen, and let the games begin.

About the Instructor:

Frieda is a member of YARWA and Contemporary Romance Writers. She writes contemporary romance under the pen name Just Call Me M and Young Adult novels as CF Robinson. In her pre-writing days, she helped develop youth programs in the US and Europe for teens. Currently, she’s an avid mountain biker, hiker, and rafter. Her love of the outdoors and escape rooms has led her to direct a mystery camp for girls that uses science and hacking techniques to solve a “Grand Mystery.” She’s a sucker for “Do Not Enter” signs, has a strong passion for people, and a deeply held belief that the real love story begins when everything else falls apart.



For any questions, please contact Christine Gunderson, YARWA’s VP of Programs at vp-programs@yarwa.com.

Interested in teaching for YARWA?

We are interested in workshops in ALL areas including:

  • Craft
  • Plotting
  • Character development
  • GMC
  • Writing scenes
  • Planning/writing sequels/series
  • Deep POV
  • Marketing/branding
  • Writing romance
  • Blogging
  • Self-publishing
  • Getting into school and library markets
  • Teen/YA-specific topics

All our classes occur on-line, via a private YARWA Yahoo loop. Classes can range in length from 1 day, 1 week, 2 weeks, or more. YARWA splits the proceeds of each class 50/50 with the instructor.

Please submit all proposals to Danielle Doolittle, YARWA’s VP of Programs at vp-programs@yarwa.com along with the following information:

  • Name of Instructor
  • Title/Brief Description of Workshop
  • Bio
  • Dates you are available to teach the course

Thank you for considering YARWA!