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“A Big Thank You!”

It’s been a week since we wrapped up another RWA national convention. For me the highlight was the Day of YA. It was a jam-packed day that came together with barely a hitch. One reason I love this organization so much is the spirit of collaboration. Whether it was a call out for swag or volunteers, as soon as the email went out, it was answered. There are a ton of people who made the Day of YA a success.
Lea Nolan’s expertise in organizing and asking for speakers was invaluable. I learned so much from our email exchanges and phone calls. Thank you for answering all of my questions. Very few people turned us down and all those who couldn’t come cited scheduling as the reason. A couple even asked if they could speak next year. Lea also made those awesome flowers that identify our YA tribe.
Jessica Ruddick, our secretary, and Rene Gilley, our treasurer, among many other things, kept up with registration as the numbers came in. Jessica also created the program agenda and Kady Ambrose printed the copies we placed in your folders.
Thank you to the volunteers who after a day of traveling, helped decorate and stuff goody bags. The room was awesome! Angele McQuade, Monica Jones, Rene Gilley, Lea Nolan, Jessica Ruddick thank you for all the extra things you did throughout the year and for the Day of YA. Who knew CVS could be so fun?
Becca Syme you run an awesome contest! Thanks!
Thank you to the many people who donated swag and books.
To our panelists and speakers, thank you for sharing your craft knowledge and insights into the publishing industry.
There are so many people who helped make this day happen. I hope I haven’t missed thanking them. It was truly an honor to work with each and every one of you. I can’t wait to see y’all next year in Orlando!
Mary Karlik