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Members’ Corner

“Writing in the Time of Coronavirus”
by YARWA member Lynn Lovegreen

Writers and other creative people are often sensitive. We see tragedy and feel it keenly. In this time of COVID-19, many of us are struggling. It is disheartening to hear all the bad news and know that people are in distress when I can’t go out and help them. I am acting where I can by staying at home, checking up on elderly or at-risk friends and family, donating to the local food bank, and so on. But it’s hard to find the energy to write.

Most of the writers I know are either writing in fits and starts or not at all. I’m in the fits and starts category myself–some days I can write for a couple hours, and others it’s all I can do to get through a semi-normal day. I spend a lot of time reading, baking, and watching PBS shows. My husband and I go for walks most afternoons. And I write when I can.

What gives me the motivation to write is what I’ve heard from readers over the years. Readers need books. Books help them get through tough times by giving them an escape or providing them role models who persevere. The book I’m working on right now may be just the thing a teen will need in a few months or next year. It can’t make it into the world until I finish it. So I hang in there, and bring my story to life one hour at a time. Read and comment on Post Here

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