Congratulations to all the winners of our two YARWA 2017 contests: the Athena and the Rosemary, both of which award Excellence in Young Adult & New Adult Fiction.

2017 Rosemary Contest

Contemporary Category

  • 1st place – The Secrets We Keep, Mia Gould
  • 2nd place – Saving Sophie, Debbie Schrack
  • 3rd place – Things Better Not Heard, Lea Kelsall

Historical Category

  • 1st place – Kings Deceit, Clara Sawson
  • 2nd place – Engineering Kit Sinclair, Lana Pattinson
  • 3rd place – An Adagio Dark and Lovely, Maria Herbert-Leiter

New Adult Category

  • 1st place – Risking Riley, Tara Harlow
  • 2nd place – Twist of Fate, Marty Mayberry
  • 3rd place – More Than Chemical, Leanne Farella

Paranormal Category

  • 1st place – Awakening The Blades, Alexia Chantel
  • 2nd place – In Her Own Skin, Bronwen Fleetwood
  • 3rd place – The Dead of the Night, Shannon Curtis

Speculative Category

  • 1st plave – Petals and Runes, Elizabeth Menozzi (tie for first)
  • 1st place – Sunscorched, Jen Crane (tie for first)
  • 2nd place – The Seventh Sun, Lani Forbes



2018 Rosemary Contest

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Athena Contest 2017

Contemporary Category

  • 1st place – All Laced Up, Erin Fletcher (tie for first)
  • 1st place – Holding Court, K.C. Held (tie for first)
  • 2nd place – Guyliner, J. Leigh Bailey
  • 3rd place – The Replacement Crush, Lisa Brown Roberts

Paranormal Category

  • 1st place – True Born, L.E. Sterling
  • 2nd place – Glisten, Tricia Cerrone
  • 3rd place – Shadow, Christi Whitney

New Adult

  • 1st place – Beyond the Stars, Stacy Wise
  • 2nd place – Floating Loose, Jill Beck
  • 3rd place – The Wheel Mages, Aimee Davis

Best First Book

  • Holding Court, K.C. Held

The 2018 Athena Contest
for Excellence in Published Young Adult & New Adult Fiction

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Thank you to all who entered the contest, our enthusiastic judges, and our dedicated coordinators.

Monica Jones
Athena Contest Coordinator


Mary Karlik
Rosemary Contest Coordinator